My name is Shardae but most people call me Shardaisy or Daisy. When I was younger I had my heart set on being a judge so I watched all the courtroom shows and pretended to be the judge of my household. When I was 9 the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” came out and I was STUNNED. The glitz. The glamour. I had no idea the luxury fashion world existed until I saw that movie. Shortly after I hurried to the library to get every book about the fashion industry that they had. Fast forward to 2013, I graduated high school and went on to obtain a degree from Central Michigan University in fashion merchandising and journalism so I could be the modern-day Andy Sachs. In 2016 I started my first blog and then graduated from college in 2017. Anyone who’s had a big change or some “success” in their lives knows the confusion and sometimes depression that comes with it. After college, I moved across the state, started my “big girl job”, and felt more lost than ever. So I stopped blogging because it didn't feel authentic anymore. Fast forward to today, 2020, I feel like I've figured it out. So here is what figuring it out looks like to me. Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and supporting. Salud!