Lane check

Since relaunching my website AND adding a shop I’ve really had to focus on what I’m doing and not veer into other lanes. It’s so easy to look on social media and see what other people are doing and feel like you aren’t doing enough. It’s also easy to see a glimpse of someone else’s progress and think you need to move faster, do things differently, and essentially rush your process.

Years ago I made a blog post about not comparing your hustle to someone else’s highlight reel. That statement still stands true. People post what they want you to see. So who knows what work, time, and effort went into them getting into a successful place. As we’ve all heard, comparison is the their of joy and I have no room for it. I know that my path and journey is exclusive to me.

When I find myself in those spaces I remember myself to check my lane and get back into it. There’s no traffic in my lane. Just me.

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