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I am starting a “Leap of Faith” series on Youtube where I will detail my journey in entrepreneurship, moving, and just betting on myself. My planner for 2020 says “The Year Of Shardaisy” on the front and I had no idea that 2020 would put that to the test. Between COVID and seeing black people killed by the police at a disproportionate rate, I’ve had a lot of low moments but my leaps of faith have kept me focused.

My plans have also been my silver lining. I re-released my website May 22 and the response has been overwhelming. I've sold out of a lot of items, and the traffic to my website has continued to grow.

I was indifferent about saying how I prepared for this because COVID pushed me into entrepreneurship faster than I was planning to. However, I will say over the past 3 years I’ve been working so hard and learning so much that I was fully prepared for this moment. There are a lot of things I’m still figuring out how to do, and how to do them efficiently, but my first month of entrepreneurship has been amazing. Any time I fear the comfort of a 2 week check it 1) makes me work harder because I am my source of income, and 2) I look at my numbers in just one month and remind myself that I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO. I will say that I began saving in Dec 2019 (for reasons we will get into below) so having back up money also eases my mind. Before the virus caused shutdowns in Michigan (where I live) I had three months' worth of living expenses saved. I did that by opening a separate bank account without getting an ATM card. From there I had 10% of my work checks deposited into that account. It was a slow process but as I always say “slow motion is better than no motion”.

Anyways, working for myself has taught me a lot of things so far. One being to be more organized, the other being, to be more detail-oriented. I have to keep track of what's going out vs. what's coming in, packing orders, and making sure when things are being returned that they are fully inspected. It's not always easy and I do make mistakes but I'm making sure those mistakes don't get to me too much. I just assess, learn from them, and move on.

So here we are, back to the reason I started aggressively saving in 2019. We (my boyfriend, our (dog) son, and I) are packing up and moving across the country. We have made our living situation concrete so there is no turning back. I’ve had so many people tell me how I shouldn't have turned down positions and my job to move because of what happened with COVID, and I’ve had people express a lot of doubt that we could/would move. With that I would like to say I’m a hard worker, I will always figure it out and make a way for myself regardless of the circumstance. And I know if I can find success in Michigan, I can do it 10x bigger in Dallas.

As we get moving and settled I will do a Youtube video on our journey and home decor videos! 

Sending you all love and light.



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