Luxury Wishlist

Growing up I never knew how much money we had, I just knew there was never enough. I got my first job at 12, and I’ve always had a job, though it took years for me to learn the value of saving and managing my funds. 

I'm saying that to say that the idea of having luxury items seemed so far fetched in my life growing up. It has taken some time to unlearn and realize that I can live a life of luxury without feeling guilty. I don't have to humble myself.

I was introduced to the luxury world by my God mom, an avid Tiffany wearer, who loves Fendi, and all things luxury. Outside of material items, I watched her work her way up in her career and create a life of luxury.  

I have worked hard to transition into a life of luxury. The luxury of not having to worry about how my bills will be paid. The luxury of having my own car. The luxury of traveling to different countries. And most recently, the luxury of buying one of my dream bags: a Mini Givenchy Antigona

I love the luxury lifestyle and the fashion that comes with it. I don't see myself in a lot of designer clothing but the shoes, handbags, and jewelry…..sign me up! So here is my luxury wishlist.

Cartier Love Ring

Fendi Slides

Balenciaga Small Hourglass

Reversible Liz Shopper in Visetos

Tan Mini Givenchy Antigona

Rolex oyster perpetual

Dior Small Book Tote

Dior Sandals

Dior Sunglasses

JACQUEMUS Riviera Sunglasses

Celine Nano

Hermes Birkin 25

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