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I’ve been an avid reader throughout life but it has amped up now that I can read for my own personal gain, opposed to being school related. In 2019 my goal was to read 8 books, and I finished strong with 9. My goal for 2020 is to read 10 books but I’m well on my way to reading a book a month. Here are some of my favorites:

Dapper Dan

When I read this I was completely captivated by Dapper Dan's story. The struggle. The triumph. The losing it all a few times but still finding a way to make it back. This is honestly the most inspiring and relatable book I’ve ever read. He reminded me that if I keep hustling, things will work out. He also reminded me that what’s for you will always be for you — even if you put it to the side for a while (kinda like I did with blogging). I like that his story has a lot of lows cause that’s the reality when you are figuring things out on your own, especially when you come from poverty.

The Slight Edge

I would say this is the book that got me back into being an avid reader. An old boss gifted it to me and just raved about it so I gave it a go. This book has stuck with me for two years because Jeff Olson really pinpoints the thin line between being successful and not. One thing he says that sticks out is that things are easy to do, but also easy not to do. It's easy to get up and work out or read 10 pages of a book everyday. But it's also easy to stay in bed. The choice is always yours but both sides of the spectrum can and will change your life drastically. Now when I'm laying around even though I have a to-do list popping into my head, his words haunt me until I get up and get going.


Fun fact: In 2018 I made a list of books I wanted to read for 2019 and had the list pinned by my door. Before my boyfriend and I started dating he went out and go me this book and that's one of the reasons I knew he was my person.

Anyways. I LOVED. THIS BOOK. Michelle Obama is so graceful and talks about everything she's had to overcome in this life. I love that she didn't come from some rich family, she really had to work hard and make something of herself. Outside of being the First Lady, she is very well educated and made a career, and name for herself. I love strong, beautiful women that aren't just trophy wives.

Contagious: Why things catch on

I read this book because I found out that it was one of Nipsey Hussle's favorites. This is a marketing book that isn't just textbook marketing. He gives you six principles or STEPPS – Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, and Stories that will be sure to make your idea stick. This book has re-worked how I market myself and my blog because I have a better understanding of what catches people's eye.


I am (or use to be) the queen of overcommitting. I would be scheduled to leave work at 5 and schedule a meeting at 5:15 knowing I wouldn't make it on time. I would say yes to every event and opportunity that came my way. Ultimately I had a hard time prioritizing what's important and what's not. I never truly understood that until I read this book. The purpose of this book is to help you understand that less is better in most cases and if you focus your attention on specific things/tasks you'll do a better job than trying to do 50 things at once. One of my favorite thoughts from this book is "jack of all trades, master of none." That sticks with me when thinking about future pursuits, and just knowing that the energy put into a lot of things would have a better outcome if I focused on one at a time.

Power Of Habit

The slight edge gave me some of the ideas from power of habit but this book really elaborated on them. It's. interesting that your brain naturally creates habits without you even knowing. One thing that sticks out to me from this book is that habits like working out everyday will roll over into other aspects of your life. For example working out everyday will create momentum for you to "clean up" other aspects of your life.

Life After God

I read this book in high school but for some reason it has always stuck with me. It is a series of short stories with characters that all lack religion. One of my favorite stories in this book is "Gettysburg." It's about a young couple in love, that eventually have a child, only to split. My favorite line from this story is "Forgive me. My mood is everywhere today, like the weather. the sky is doing four things at once-"

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