Skincare Feature: The Kyrie Collection

Ashley Ward is a Grand Rapids native that has recently tried her hand in skincare. The Kyrie Collection has a wide range of products including a fresh tea face mist, detoxifying charcoal mask, cold brew beard oil, and more. 

“When I was younger I loved going to my grandma's house and the first thing I would do is go to her vanity where I'd find all of her makeup and skincare products. She'd order from Avon all of the time and save her samples for me to play around with and pamper myself, that's where my obsession with skincare and self-care began,” Ashley said. “I always knew one day I'd have my beauty line. I love confident people and love pouring into other people, I believe when someone looks good they feel good and of course, that starts with taking care of yourself and your skin.”

In 2019 everything was put into perspective for Ashley when she became a mother to her son, Nasir Kyrie. “After having him I knew it was time for me to work harder because I'm determined to create generational wealth and break generational curses. He pushes me every day to do better and work harder, I want him to grow up and say "Wow, my mom built this!?" and then be able to pass it down to his kids and theirs too!” 

Being an entrepreneur seems glamorous but it takes a lot of work and Ashley’s entrepreneurial journey thus far has taught her resilience. “So far I've learned that nothing worth having comes easy. You have to work hard to see your dreams unfold. Don't worry about who won't or will support you, make sure that YOU support YOU. You should always be your biggest fan. I had no idea where to start so I started small, I'd work on one thing at a time like one page of my website a day until it was perfect,” she said. “I didn't let myself get overwhelmed or discouraged when things didn't work out how I planned, I just told myself okay back to the drawing board because everything will eventually come together. I've learned that it's important to start with what you have, everything else will come later. Most importantly I've learned to believe in myself no matter what, speak life over my business and goals and just always remember that when things are hard and I need to take a break that it's okay to do that. Tomorrow is a new day. Just don't give up. Ever.”

The Kyrie Collection is inclusive and has items for both men and women. “ Whenever someone thinks of skincare they automatically think oh that's not for men and that's not true. All of our products are designed for both men and women,” she said. 

If you could only buy one item from her collection she would personally suggest the Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser. “ I have really sensitive skin so most face washes dry my skin out and do more damage than good. We all know oil and water don't mix which is why a lot of people are straying away from water based cleansers and switching to oil cleansers,” she explained. “The oils don't make your skin oily or clog your pores, which is what a lot of people think. They strip the bad oils and add good ones to even your skin tone, dissolve blackheads, remove dead skin and more! It's a must have in your skin care routine!”

Ashley wants people to know that it's important that everyone sets time aside to take care of themselves. “Sometimes applying a facial mask can change your whole day, taking a moment to care for yourself feels good inside and out. We want to change the way people view self care and encourage others to love themselves for who they truly are.”

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