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5x5 was created by Start Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and awards one person with $5,000 monthly. The objective is to give funding to more businesses in the community. My idea is "Shardaisy's Daisy's".

Daisy’s is a digital platform for young women of color to learn about entrepreneurship and confidence building. Helping young women of color to develop into business women is what's most exciting.

There aren't any programs in Grand Rapids that cater to the growth of this demographic. Growing up I didn't know anything about business, and I didn't have any resources. If I did I would be further along on my journey. I wanted to create a blog/website in high school but didn't have the means to sustain it.

However, even if I did I wasn’t business minded. I want to teach young women of color about entrepreneurship while building their confidence through workshops, seminars, and open conversations.  I will do this through online workshops in the meantime. Following the stay home order I will look for a space to lease so that we can meet in person. These 2 hours meetings, once a week, will consist of entrepreneurship and confidence building seminars.

The impact will be that young women of color will walk out of high school with the knowledge of business so that they can either start their own, or be a stand out employee of the company of their choosing. Furthermore, I will help them to understand that everything they are seeking is already within. Life after high school is a completely different ballgame that young women need to be fully prepared for rather they choose to go to college or do their own thing.

With 5,000 I will rent a space for future gatherings. I will also pay for guest speakers, field trips to meet with business women of color in Detroit, Chicago, and neighboring states.

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